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Lakeshore Flavor Partners with Michigan State University to Conduct Research on Racial Equity

Lakeshore Flavor is excited to announce a partnership with Michigan State University (MSU) Department of Community Sustainability to conduct an exploratory research study to support sustainable and equitable food systems in Muskegon County.

Dr. Phillip Warsaw is an Assistant Professor of Ecological Economics and Environmental Justice in the Department of Community Sustainability. Dr. Warsaw will serve as principal investigator in this project and will identify best practice initiatives to promote racial equity in Muskegon County food systems and encourage greater participation by BIPOC and low-income food businesses.

Over the next year, Lakeshore Flavor and MSU will conduct a community-wide survey in consultation with key stakeholders via community-based focus groups, interviews, and surveys. The data collected from the community-wide survey will determine existing challenges in advancing food security, food business development, and racial equity in the delivery of nutrition education in Muskegon County.

This project will investigate and develop best practices for data-driven communication and engagement to aid Lakeshore Flavor in serving as an institution promoting racial equity in the food system within Muskegon County. Check out Lakeshore Flavor’s Facebook page to find out how you can support this organization through community organizing, volunteering, and spreading the word about this amazing project in Muskegon.


About Lakeshore Flavor:

The mission of Lakeshore Flavor is to build economic growth for Black, Brown, Women-Owned, and Low-Income food entrepreneurs through education, investment, and creating community. Lakeshore Flavor is dedicated to supporting food sustainability and community development through the existence of a teaching kitchen and programs designed to eliminate barriers to entry.




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